Welcome to Wayfarer, the roleplaying game of adventure through the Known Worlds and beyond....

In Wayfarer, science fiction, fantasy, and cosmic horror collide into a slipstream epic. Anything may be encountered, from strange aliens, to powerful wizard, to advanced robots, to horrifying demons from beyond time and space. Here, you will see things beyond wonder....

Wayfarer is powered by the Continuum Narrative Engine, the ultimate experience in RPG realism. Using real world physics in its core engine to create a complete adventure in whatever genre the players imagine, all things (no matter how fantastic) may be strictly defined. With each dice roll, the element of chance is combined with advanced characterization to make sure that even the most fanciful stories will have a realistic outcome. With random character generation tables available, as well as the ability to customize your character from the ground up, Continuum offers a unparalleled level of creative options. Your roleplaying sessions will unfold like a story, not a game: a collaborative, interactive experience in which your imagination can flourish. This isn’t a game for casual gamers. This is THE game for gamers who want to feel like they’re participating in an excellent movie or novel each time they play.


  1. What is the Continuum Narrative Engine? Interesting kickstarter, but I'd like to know the basics of the system for consideration in pledging.

    1. For sure, Oscar. Drop us an email and I'd be happy to give you a detailed run-down/answer questions. illgottengames2012@gmail.com

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  3. What is "Continuum Narrative Engine"?

  4. How do we get a copy if we missed the Kickstarter?

  5. can we still buy a PDF for Wayfarer

  6. Hello, is there an open-source place where we can find open-sourced new stuff ?
    Like, if anyone translated the rules in an other language, how will we know ?

    ps: congratulation for what you've done !

  7. Hola mi nombre es Lucas soy de Argentina vivo en la Patagonia y me gustaría saber como puedo conseguir una copia del juego es decir del pdf dado que estamos armando un grupo y nos gustaría jugar.dejo mi correo email lriccombene@gmail.com
    Hello my name is Lucas I am from Argentina I live in Patagonia and I would like to know how I can get a copy of the game ie the PDF since we are setting up a group and we would like to play.Learn my email lriccombene@gmail.com

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